Here’s a sneak preview to this Friday’s “Loud Pack” 420 release. This package will consist of these two shirts shown below. One style paying homage to a classic movie of our youth, and the other a subtle nod to 420 without all the pot leafs and reference to the word “LOUD”. Each year at 4/20 we release an exclusive design or two, and each year we work to design something creative, subtle and timeless. We want to design a shirt or shirts for our smokers out there, but for the shirt to also be something you can wear year round. Be sure to come in this Friday 4/12/13 for this exclusive release. Only 10 packs will be available per location, only 20 packs produced total. Each pack come with two shirts and various smoking accessories for $50. These will not be available online, in store and phone orders only, sizes S-XXL will be available. Click more tab or title for shirts images below.