Asics Tandoori Spice Gel 5 Red/Pink


This Gel 5 by Asics gets a “Tandoori Spice” makeover sporting a unique red base and a subtle pink toe box. Featuring a combination of neoprene and suede construction as off-white midsoles are paired with gum rubber outsole applications. Available now in-store & online! Stop by the shop and try them on! Click the more tab for a closer look.

Asics_Tandoori_Spice_Gel_5_Red_Pink Asics_Tandoori_Spice_Gel_5_Red_Pink_Toe_Box Asics_Tandoori_Spice_Gel_5_Red_Pink_Tongue Asics_Tandoori_Spice_Gel_5_Red_Pink_Heel

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