New Balance Rain Mac Pack 577

New Balance Rain Man Pack 577

The 577 is one of our favorite New Balance silhouettes, as it’s not seen as much as the 574 or 576 and generally has a better makeup and material stories. This very limited package consists of two 577′s entitled the “Rain Mac Pack”. Both of these 577′s are made in New Balance’s top factory in Limby UK, and are a UK exclusive, a very select amount of retailers including Persona got these in the US. One model uses a forest green with orange accents. The other model more on a nautical colorway, a navy nubuck with yellow accents. Both shoes have a waterproof feeling nylon on the tongue and small accents of the material throughout the upper as well. Both styles have a custom insole with weather patterns and symbols printed on the insole. “Rain Mac” branding labels on the tongues help let the homies know these aren’t your everyday 577. These are both now available in store at our Nashua location, via phone order, and on our online shop. Click more tab or title for a closer look, and don’t sleep on these they won’t be around for long!

New Balance M577MNY

New Balance M577MNY 1

New Balance M577MNY 2

New Balance M577MNY 3

New Balance M577MOO

New Balance M577MOO 1

New Balance M577MOO 2

New Balance M577MOO 3

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