New Brand: Dertbag

Dertbag based out of Connecticut owned and run by a young man by the name of Phillip Post has been on the scene and below the radar for the past few years. More recently Dertbag has jumped onto the radar with features on Hypebeast and various skaters, rappers and celebs wearing his designs. With an inspiration from his youth and music growing up Dertbag is a perfect fit in Persona. We all grew up in New England suburbs but are into things that are more prevalent in the big cities, such as 80′s and 90′s Hip Hop,fashion,graffiti,sneakers and skateboarding. Phillip has put out small yet concise on point collections the past few years, and we are proud to be offering it in our stores. Check our Dertbag’s site for more info on them and to stay up to date with the brand and Phillip.‎

Click more tab or title to see the pieces we’ve got in below.





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