New Brand: Hype Means Nothing ’13

Hype Means Nothing Feature
This year you will see us adding in new brands and continuing to progress our apparel offering as always for you. Hype Means Nothing is the start of that for this fall. Currently will only be available at our NAshua store and online shop. Based out of Paris, France and sparingly distributed in the US, they are known for taking images of icons and iconic figures and printing them on high quality shirts. They reinterpret each icon as if they had sunglasses on but really it’s their hands over their eyes. We have got in a good mix of printed tee’s and pocket tee’s ranging from Michael Jordan to Kanye West, Jay Z and Biggie. Stay tuned for more from Hype Means Nothing throughout this year, and be the first guy around to have one of these rare tee’s. Click the more tab or title to get a closer look at the new brand to the store.

Hype Means Nothing Michael Jordan White Hype Means Nothing Michael Jordan Black Hype Means Nothing Kanye West Hype Means Nothing Jay Z   Hype Means Nothing Biggie Black Hype Means Nothing Biggie White

Hype Means Nothing White Pocket THype Means Nothing Grey Pocket TeeHype Means Nothing  Biggie Pocket Tee Grey

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