Reebok Pump Omni Zone x Ruff Ryders

Reebok x Ruff Ryder Pump Omni Zone
Reebok and Swizz Beatz have done it again, this time collaborating on the Pump Omni Zone. Reebok has been working with Swizz Beats for the past few seasons, and he now pays homage to the late 90′s era he was a part of, the Ruff Ryders and bringing their name to the forefront of hip-hop in the 90′s and forward till now. The shoe consists of their traditional black and silver colors. Using a nice genuine black leather for the upper, and a silver metallic looking material for the toe boxes and mid panels of the upper. The “R” on the Reebok logo is the Ruff Ryders “R” making this a special collaboration. The sole has red hexalite details and is a two tone black and grey sole. These are available now at our Nashua location and are a great pickup for any Reebok heads or Ruff Ryders out there! Click more tab or title to get a closer look at these.

Reebok x Ruff Ryder Pump Omni Zone 1

Reebok x Ruff Ryder Pump Omni Zone 2

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