Saucony Grid SD “Woodburn” Pack


These Grid SD’s by Saucony highlights debossed leather that mimics a wood pattern and features Wolverine Silkee suede on the quarter panels and heel counter. Available in either a Tan/Grey or Tan/Brown colorway. Sporting the landmark G.R.I.D. midsole cushioning system and shadow 5000 sole with outer triangular lug system. Reminiscent of your favorite woodland escape, this pack is sure to bring you straight to the great outdoors. You can now purchase these in-store & online today. Drop by the shop to pick up a pair! Click the more tab for more photos.

Saucony_Grey_Woodburn_Grid_SD_Tan_Grey Saucony_Grey_Woodburn_Grid_SD_Tan_Grey_Toe_Box Saucony_Grey_Woodburn_Grid_SD_Tan_Grey_Tongue Saucony_Grey_Woodburn_Grid_SD_Tan_Grey_Heel Saucony_Brown_Woodburn_Grid_SD_Tan_Brown Saucony_Brown_Woodburn_Grid_SD_Tan_Brown_Toe_Box Saucony_Brown_Woodburn_Grid_SD_Tan_Brown_Tongue Saucony_Brown_Woodburn_Grid_SD_Tan_Brown_Heel

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