The Hundreds Fall ’13 Collection

Hundreds Fall 2013

The homies over at The Hundreds show us why they remain one of the biggest, influential and best brands in streetwear to date. The new collection consists of various new pieces from sweats to tee’s and button downs. Lots of good subliminal meanings for those who can see between the lines. Below is only a small taste of what has actually come into the two stores. Both locations have received their delivery 1 Collections, so get down to your local Persona for the best Hundreds selection around! Don’t roll up to school this year without some Hundreds in your closet, stay tuned for an exclusive deal we’ll be offering with The Hundreds for Back to School starting next week.

Hundreds 5 Panels Floral Tee Pulp Chambray White Raphael Snap Jacket Hundreds Team Beanie Mario Crewneck Lopo Tee Jenna Tee Ended Tee

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